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Afri-switch services , we have been able to carry out food drives , during the pandemic , by providing food reliefs to people in Rural Africa more so Uganda and we where able to feed many households .

My love and desire to see African communities empowered right from the grass root has led to the birth of Afri-Switch which has brought together Africa as one .

Miss Kaitairima Brendah

Who is Brendah Kaitairima ?

Brendah was born and raised from a small Town in the greater ancient Kingdom still reigning and ruled by a King, “Bunyoro Kingdom”, found in the western part of Uganda. Ms Brenda studied in Bunyoro up to her O’level ( Mandela S.S Hoima) after which she joined the city “Kampala” in Uganda to acquire her A level certificate (Old Kampala SSS).

She then joined Makerere University for her Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences where she successfully graduated.

Ms. Brendah is also a graduate in ministry and Leadership under the Miracle Bible College.

She also won for the beauty queen award for Miss Bunyoro 2019 -2020.

In 2020 she was chosen to be president of JCI Bunyoro where she successfully led and was able to represent Uganda internationally in the 22rd Africa Middle East JCI leadership Academy.

Her work extends to being an area coordinator for the UK based Radio programme called the voice of Bunyoro from the Diaspora on TGM Radio (UK), which focuses on introducing the Bunyoro culture to the world.

Passionate about serving and helping girls and women be empowered, she coordinated and partnered with a women group in the USA called the Mighty Women of Valor, where they have been able to do school drives, startup projects for single mothers and also provide food stuffs to the communities in Bunyoro more so during the pandemic.

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