Through this summit we where about to share ideas from people from different countries as Africa and also got ideas on how to proceed with development and also how to manage through out the pandemic


Mr. Uchenna Achionye
Director of Projects JCI FESTAC

My team and l are delighted to announce our first speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Serie one , He is Engineer Uchenna Achionye from Nigeria, a Director of projects in JCI Festac and also works in one of the most leading Telecommunication firm in Nigeria , he will be taking us through the need for international development , your presence in this Summit will create a great positive impact!, so please let’s not forget to zoom in on the 24th of this month at exactly 3pm Ugandan time , thank you .

Mr. Allan Sentamu
National President JCI Uganda

I and my team are glad to announce to you our second guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Serie one , Mr Allan Sentamu , a banker by professional at DFCU Uganda , JCI(Junior Chambers International) National President Uganda .Serves as a Secretary Academics on the Executive of Kyambogo University Convocation 2020, and he has been Key in organizing Economic and Entrepreneurship symposium which has benefited many Alumni and Students .As a strong advocate of the SDG’s , Women, Children and Youth. Allan has represented the youth both locally and internationally ,a member of the African Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) and African Young Professional Network (AYPN) , a great Team player and tested Leader .His also a Team Leader for SCOPE foundation where he is doing an incredible work .There has been restoration of hope for many children with incarcerated parents.Allan has also served as the European Forum Alphabch African Ambassador from Uganda for 2019. Allan Sentamu is also the founder of the National Empowerment.

Also the founder of the National Empowerment Foundation initiative (NEFi) which works to benefit Women , Youth and Children . He previously worked as the Senior Client Team Leader (CTL) at Quest Holdings Limited where he amassed valuable experience in professional Debt management for over Seven years , he led a very dynamic team that was made of great achievers and managed Debt and Assets receivable for most of the Key players in the Ugandan Financial Market , Cooperate and non financial organizations .While at campus Allan served as a dedicated Student leader enriching his educational experience through extensive on campus involvement .Allan served as a faculty president of Arts in social sciences as well as representing the faculty in the Students Guild Council for two terms as a guild representative councillor (GRC) in 2010 to 2011 and 2011 to 2012 respectively.

Ms Ida Kondo
General Secretary of JCI University of Lome

My team and l are grateful to announce our third guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit serie one , Ms Ida Kondo from Togo . She is the JCI general secretary at the university of Lome and also an Executive office assistant at Tam Tam Digital school . She will be taking us through the importance of a family towards the development of a person and a nation , we are too excited to host you all come 24th of this month , thank you!.

Mr. Murungi Elijah
Executive Director MDP Uganda

I and my team are delighted to announce to you our forth guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Serie one , Mr Elijah Murungi from Uganda . He is a Human Rights activists and also an Executive Director Master Debater’s platinum Uganda . He will be taking us through the need for national development . We are very excited to host you all come next Saturday on the 24th , thank you so much.

Ms Tatiana Nabhan
Director for tougher than Cancer Project 2020

I and my team are glad to announce to you our fifth guest speaker and the moderator too in the Afri-Switch Summit serie one Ms Tatiana Nabhan from Lebanon. She is the Executive Director of the tougher than Cancer project 2020 based in Lebanon which helps and supports patients suffering from all types of Cancer, she’s also a member of JCI Beirut where she has been able to represent Lebanon in the outside world like in the 22rd Africa Middle East Leadership Academy where she performed best . We can’t wait to see you all be part of this Summit come this Saturday 24th at 3pm through zoom and also live here on this page , thank you .

Mr. Patrick Kusiima
Executive Director Enyange Investments

My team and l are humbled to announce to you our sixth guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit serie one , Mr Patrick Kusiima from Uganda .His a chemist by profession, a director of Enyange investment , Head directorate of culture and tourism Bunyoro Kitara National Forum (BUKINF) ,Assistant Production manager Chromatic paints (U) Limited. We will be grateful to have you all join us as we talk about development in Africa during the pandemic , come this Saturday on the 24th through zoom and on our Facebook page live @ Kaitairima Brendah page and Afri-Switch official page ,thank you .

Mr. Morris Kusotera
Executive Director of The Polarplus ( UK ) Ltd

I and my team are glad to announce to you our Keynote Speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit serie one , MR MORRIS KUSOTERA .

Morris is an Executive Director of Polarplus (UK) Limited a healthcare company that incorporates Polarprojects a project management unit and also Prison Health Focus a professional development service for prison health personnel.

Morris is also the Director of Strategy and Development for Eye Health Africa CIC a new social enterprise that focuses on Africa’s vulnerable. Eye Health Africa was created developed from Eye Health Uganda following successful Eye camps at Mulago and Lubaga Hospitals.

Morris has over 18-years’ experience of working in the United Kingdom and also in the islands of Alderney and Guernsey both located in the Channel Islands.

Morris worked in healthcare delivery and service improvement within the British National Health Service (NHS), the Public, Palliative, Prison and Private sectors.

Morris is a viable systems strategist that manages projects. In one of his popular illustrations of managing a social healthcare organisation, Morris applied concepts in chaos and complexity sciences, organizational modelling and Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model to create efficient healthcare processes.

Academically and professionally, Morris has an Executive MBA in Health Services Management from the University of Hull, a BSC Honours in Statistics, a Higher National Diploma in General Nursing from the University Brighton, and other certifications including the PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments Version2).

A previous airline statistician and planner, Morris has certificates in airline planning, airline finance and aircraft economics. Morris is a previous member of UK’s Spectrum CIC Council of Shareholders where he shared his knowledge and experience in shaping up Prison Healthcare Processes in the early years of the Spectrum Community Interest Company.

Morris is also accredited as the principal Co-Project Lead in the conceptualisation of the social enterprise that took over closed school premises worth £2-million in Yorkshire, England through a Local Council transfer sale 125-year Lease at a peppercorn price of £1 and turned the assets into a community business centre, and in the process earning the title of “the biggest Community Asset Transfer in Europe”.

In his other company directorships, Morris is consulted in small to medium sized general Projects, including Healthcare and Business Projects in Public,

Miss Kaitairima Brendah
Executive Director Afr-Switch

Afri-Switch is delighted to announce to you its host in the Afri-Switch Summit Serie one ,Ms Brendah Kaitairima, 24 years of age, born and raised from a small Town in the greater ancient Kingdom still reigning and ruled by a King, “Bunyoro Kingdom”, found in the western part of Uganda. Ms Brenda studied in Bunyoro up to her O’level ( Mandela S.S Hoima) after which she joined the city “Kampala” in Uganda to acquire her A level certificate (Old Kampala SSS).

She then joined Makerere University for her Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences where she successfully graduated.

Ms. Brendah is also a graduate in ministry and Leadership under the Miracle Bible College.

She also won for the beauty queen award for Miss Bunyoro 2019 -2020.

In 2020 she was chosen to be president of JCI Bunyoro where she successfully led and was able to represent Uganda internationally in the 22rd Africa Middle East JCI leadership Academy.

Her work extends to being an area coordinator for the UK based Radio programme called the voice

Her work extends to being an area coordinator for the UK based Radio programme called the voice of Bunyoro from the Diaspora on TGM Radio (UK), which focuses on introducing the Bunyoro culture to the world.

Passionate about serving and helping girls and women be empowered, she coordinated and partnered with a women group in the USA called the Mighty Women of Valor, where they have been able to do school drives, startup projects for single mothers and also provide food stuffs to the communities in Bunyoro more so during the pandemic.

Ms Brendah’s love and desire to see African communities empowered right from the grass root has led to the birth of Afri-Switch which has brought together Africa as one .

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