Mr Djamo Dahirou


Afri-Switch together with its team is delighted to announce their first guest speaker in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication, Mr Djamo Dahirou from Cameroon. Serving currently as National President of the I Am Cameroon Movement. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science and public Administration from the University of Buea and a Postgraduate degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University of Yaoundé II – Soa, Cameroon.

He joined the movement in 2015 and today as President he coordinates a team that carries out the activities of the I Am Cameroon movement to make sure the vision is attained. Due to his passion for nonprofit work and education, he believes service to humanity is the best work one can do. He works for Junior Chamber International (JCI) where he serves as Member Services Coordinator

He lives in Douala, Cameroon with his wife and son. He speaks English, French and Fulani. We just can’t wait to have you join us on the 13th of March from 4:00pm Ugandan time as we talk about Poverty Eradication. Remember your presence is much appreciated since as Afri-Switch we believe together as Africa we can, thank you. Kindly go and know more about what we are as Afri-Switch through our website www.Afri-Switch. Com

Dr Thokozani Chilenga- Butao

South Africa.

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you our second speaker in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication from South Africa. She’s Dr Thokozani Chilenga- Butao, holding a PhD in Political Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand, where she is also a lecturer in the Political Studies department.

Her PhD thesis is an empirical study of South Africa’s decentralisation and S100 interventions in the provincial education departments of Limpopo and the Eastern Cape. Her research interests are decentralisation and federalism, and their roles in state formation generally; education governance; public administration; and, public policy.

As an early career academic, she is establishing herself in teaching, research and academic citizenship through lecturing, research collaborations, university committee service, publications, professional development, membership in the Africa Alpbach Network (AAN) and public appearances on radio and television in South Africa.

We are so excited to have you all join us live through zoom with the details on that flyer below, Facebook live through the pages.

Coach Michel Mawussé KOUVAHE


Afri-Switch together with its team, are glad to present you their third guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication, which will be held on the 13th of this month(March), Saturday from 4:00pm through Zoom, our Facebook live and on our Utube Channel as mentioned on the flyer below.

His Coach Michel Mawussé KOUVAHE from Togo. A Linguistics Consultant, Professional Coach Trainer, State Certified Expert in Translation and Interpretation, Director of KOUMMS CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL (KCI) Executive Director of APECTA – NGO Promoter of the Incubation Center and Coworking Space ELA (ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP ACADEMY).

Mr Daniel Ngimbu


Afri-Switch and the team are delighted to announce to you their forth guest speake, in the Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication. Which will be held on the 13th of March (Saturday) from 4:00pm live in zoom and through our social media platforms.

Mr Daniel Ngimbu from Zambia, he is a Professional Accountant(ACCA), Investment Advisor and Financial Analyst who is passionate about investment, analysis, research and policy formulation. He is actively involved in Finance and Investment researches and currently a member of the IMF’s Finance and Development magazine.

Outside his profession, he is committed to creating positive change in communities. He served as JCI Zcas Local President in 2017 as well as JCI Zambia national Treasurer in 2018. In 2019, he was appointed HOC Economics Policy Analyst and Researcher. As a devoted Christian, he is actively involved at his local church and serves as Teen Coach.

He has held different positions such as Projects Manager at HOC, Coordinator at Youths With A Voice(YWAV), among others, he is also an young farmer whose interest is mainly livestock and horticulture sub-sectors.

Mrs Chaimae Bourjij


Afri-Switch and the team are delighted to present to you our fifth guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit series 3 about poverty Eradication, on the 13th of March(Saturday) from 4:00pm Ugandan time through Zoom and Facebook live with the details noted down on our flyer.

She’s Mrs Chaimae Bourjij from Morocco, currently a project coordinator for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Morocco. In parallel, she is a founder, chairwoman of the International Youth Council – Morocco chapter.

Previously she co-founded the Sustainable Development’s Youth Association which won mobilizer of the SDG for the year 2018 by the UN SDG Action Campaign. Upon graduating with a Master’s degree in Auditing and Management control, she has participated in several symposiums as a youth inclusion expert and youth representative.

She was a member of official youth delegation in the Open Government Partnership Summit in Ottawa, Canada 2019 and youth representative in the closing panel, she also was the only youth representative in the MENA-OECD Meeting in 2019 and lately was awarded by the Tariq Ibn Zyad Initative, ‘Espoir’ Hope of 2019.

Her commitment is driven by the intention to familiarize young people with decision-making processes and strengthen their capacities under the aegis of democratic governance.



Afri-Switch and the team are glad to present their sixth guest speaker from Gabon, in their third series of Afri-Switch Summit Mr TCHAGBELE Arafate .

His a graduate in Bachelor’s of accounting management which he attained in 2008.

Then he joined the Franco-American Academy of Management where he defends his license with a master’s degree in audit and financial control.

After this, he joined mores than 7 organisations like a volunteer to parkage his experiences with orders. He has more than 13 years in accounting and finance .

Ms Joselyne Kyaligonza


Afri-Switch and the team are delighted to announce you our first poet Activist in the Afr-Switch Summit Series 3. Ms Joselyne Kyaligonza, miss Bunyoro 2020/21 and also a student at Makerere University pursuing her Bachelor’s in Development Economics, second year.

Ahaisibwe Recheal


Afri-Switch and the team are delighted to present you our second Poet Activist in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication. She’s Ahaisibwe Recheal, a nurse by profession from Uganda.

Mr Dratele Epiphany


Afri-Switch and the team are delighted to announce our Entertainer in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about poverty eradication.

His Mr Dratele Epiphany from Uganda, a performing artist in African music, dances and an instrumentalist, he is a founder of a cultural troupe under the names Africa Rhymes edutainment whose main objective is to empower youths through talent.

Mr Moses Mulimira

United Kingdom ( England ).

Afri-Switch and the team is delighted to announce to you their first keynote speaker in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication on the 13th of March from 4:00pm Ugandan time.

His Mr Moses Mulimira from United Kingdom(England). His a UK Lead Uganda UK Health Alliance , Health Education England Post Graduate in Oxford University. Holding an MA Global Diplomacy.

Mr Tony Butali


Afri-Switch and the team is excited to present you our last keynote speaker in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about poverty eradication.

His Mr Tony Butali from Uganda, a graduate in MSc Economics from the University of Leicester in( UK), graduate in BA Economics from Makerere University, Former Banker, Educationist, Innovator and Strategic Planner.

Ms Helen Basemera Dande


Afri-Switch and the team is delighted to present you our moderator in Afri-Switch Summit Series 3 about Poverty Eradication.

She’s Ms Helen Basemera Dande from Uganda a Development Coach and Transformational Speaker, she does this through helping people master themselves so that they are able to serve in a way that suits their purposes, benefits and the World.

She also guides people on how to manage their limiting beliefs and show them how to keep going even when they want to stop. As the Lead Coach at Ma’Mojo Consultancy, they see to it, that more peope get to ” Live their Dreams”, have “Hope” and live better fulfilled lives.

They ‘jump-start’ people’s hope-engines and help people focus more on what they want out of life like how to be a better – person, Employer, Employee, Manager, Student, Partner, Spouse, Child.

They restore the desire/drive to pursue one’s dreams through Corporate Training Sessions, Motivational Talks, Transformation Seminars, Private Coaching sessions, Group Coaching sessions and sharing uplifting messages aimed at attaining Transformative results, She is also a HR trainer, does team Building, she is an Entrepreneur (Business Owner), author of 3..2….1..Go!!! and finally she is a proud wife and a mother too .

Mr Tony Butali


Afri-Switch is delighted to present you our host in the Afri-Switch Summit series 3 about poverty eradication which is due tomorrow 13th of march 2021 from 4:00pm Ugandan time, live through Zoom, Facebook and Utube.

Ms. Brendah Kaitairima, born and raised from a small Town in the greater ancient Kingdom still reigning and ruled by a King, ” Bunyoro Kingdom “, found in the western part of Uganda. Ms Brendah completed her O’level studies in Bunyoro( Mandela Secondary School) and then joined the city “Kampala” ( Old Kampala Senior Secondary School) in Uganda to acquire her A’ Level certificate.

After which she attended Makerere University for her Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Science where she successfully graduated. Ms Brendah is also a graduate in ministry and Leadership under the Miracle Bible college. She also won the beauty Queen award for Miss Bunyoro 2019/20. She is also a farmer dealing in poultry, rabbit and piggery farming.

In 2020, she was chosen to be the president of JCI Bunyoro where she successfully led and was able to represent Uganda internationally in the 22rd Africa Middle East JCI leadership Academy. Its because of her great positive impact as a JCI Bunyoro President 2020 that she was appointed as the National Executive Director JCI Uganda 2021.

Her work extends to being an area coordinator for the UK based Radio program called the Voice of Bunyoro from the Diaspora on Voice Show Media (UK) which focuses on introducing the Bunyoro culture to the world. Passionate about serving and helping girls and women be empowered, she coordinated and partnered with a women group in U.S.A called the Mighty Women of Valor, where they have been able to do school drives, start up projects for single mothers and also provide food stuffs to the communities in Bunyoro more so during the pandemic.

Ms Brendah’s love and desire to see African communities empowered right from the grass root led to the birth of Afri-Switch, where we are now together as Africa under Afri-Switch.

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