Mr.Ronnie Jacobs

Founder of Cancel Cancer Africa - UK

My team and l are proud to announce to you our first guest speaker in the Afri- Switch Summit Series two .

Mr Ronnie Jacobs from U.K , a 1st class graduate is the founder of Cancel Cancer Africa U.K charity , CEO of London’s largest Kids Fashion Festival International, CEO and founder of CHABS Fashion Show U.K, founder of CCA music Festival U.K, CEO JREEP Film company and chairman board of Trustee Life Above Cancer Charity Nigeria.

Ronnie Jacobs continues to serve as a notable motivator in and around the World , while endlessly refining his inner self . Now a familiar authority on the Psychology of self -development and living a healthly life, he is appreciated for his consisting in capacity building and his humanitarian endeavors in fighting Cancer in Rural Africa .

We are so glad to inform you that we will be hosting Mr Ronnie Jacob on the 19th of this month in our second series of Afri-Switch Summit .

Dr Boikanyo Trust Phenyo

Miss Commonwealth 2012

I and my team are delighted to announce to you our second quest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Series two .

Dr Boikanyo Trust Phenyo from U.K ,holding a Honorary Doctorate , MSC ( Business Management and Finance), Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering, Postgraduate Diploma in Education ( Physics and Mathematics), Bsc (Physics), Certified public speaker, leadership and life Coach, Published author and book editor , former Beauty Queen (Mrs Commonwealth International 2012/13.

M.s Boikanyo is a life style specialist, she works with people who want to improve their lifestyles. She does this through advice , support, encouragement and guidance using holistic approach on diet and nutrition, fitness and relaxation. She believes that it is important that you love yourself, look and feel great in everything that you do .

She is an experienced crisis counsellor , working with people who find themselves facing life crisis. Passionate about giving back to the community, Boikanyo is one of the leaders running the Botswana community U.K , a charitable community project whose mission is to promote Botswana culture in the U.K .

She is a successful model and beauty Queen, turned pageant director who specializes in choreography for the catwalk and the beauty pageant stage . She has much experience managing model and beauty Queens. She has appeared as a VIP judge for many prestigious pageants all over the country.

She was honoured in 2013 to be invited to the common wealth Nations Reception given at Buckingham palace by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and met the entire Royal family. She has appeared on numerous TV shows and won several award including a peace missionary by the Diplomatic mission peace and prosperity.

Ms. Fatimata Deme

Vice President External affairs - JCI University Ouaga Soleil 2020

I and my team are excited to announce to you , our third guest speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit Series two, M.s Fatimata Deme from Burkina Faso . She is the international Vice president of JCI University Ouaga soleil 2020, outstanding member of JCI Burkina Faso for 2020, an alumni of YALI RLC of Acrra , she is a jurist and also studied Law at the new dawn University.

Ms. Lilly Ajuna

Works with Senior Rehabilitation Solution / Current Nursing School

I and my team are delighted to announce to you, our fourth guest speaker in the Afri-switch summit series two, M.s Liily Ajuna from U.S.A.

She graduated under adult education and community development from Makerere University, joined Pima medical institute in Colorado State and graduated with a bachelor’s in occupational therapy. And now she’s currently pursuing certification in licensed practical nurse in Texas.

She’s working at Concord carrier medical institute Texas. Lilly loves engaging herself with youth development organization, she believes that creativity as a person is a key to success. She also believes one can survive in the world through making use of the gifts in their hands, brains and their mind and that’s her slogan .

She is also a business lady, with one of her personal business called Lilly’s African Taste. She has been able to supply all African bakeries all over the States in America.

Mr Ahmed Ben Attia

International JCI Trainer

My team and l are delighted to announce to you, our fifth guest speaker in the Afri-switch summit series two , Mr Ahmed Ben Attia from Tunisia. He is a graduate from Sfax university of Law, an international JCI trainer and one of the top certified JCI trainers under JCI Tunisia. He is also a digital marketing specialist with skills in project management, sales promotions, community relations and he is also a superior writer and editor .

He is skilled in content development and under this, he has been able to write targeted content for consumer portion website, he has also been able to create more than 100 videos in various fields for more than 1600 subscribers on his YouTube channel . He is good in public speaking, team work, training, flexibility and communication .

Songa Bahati Manasse

Poet Activist/ Social Entrepreneur

I and my team are delighted to announce to you , a poet activists Mr Songa Bahati Manasse from D.R.Congo in the Afri-switch summit series two. He is a social entrepreneur, poet activist and a spoken word artist. He does this through influencing positively people’s lives through poetry and entrepreneurship as his passion.

He uses his pen and his voice as a weapon to paint his experience, spite out his bitterness and voice out his opinion in order to contribute to the better world’s shaping. As a young change maker, in 2017 he founded Naki Football Academy, which is a family platform of hope, peace and joy.

He uses football as a vehicle to promote talent, education and social cohesion within Nakivale refugees settlement ( Uganda ) where he lives as a refugee. His also a member of Change maker Xchange community and a Bosh alumni.

Songa Bahati is also one of the mentors and session facilitators at an entrepreneurship Hub named Opportunigee operating within the refugees settlement.

Mr Samuel Kitone

JCI Greenwhich / Entreprenuer

My team and l are delighted to announce to you our Keynote Speaker in the Afri-switch summit series two, Mr Sammuel Kakembo Kitone from U.K. He is the Vision Bearer and the Past President of JCI Greenwich, an entrepreneur and a security specialist .

Mr Morris Kusotera

Executive Director of the Polarplus ( UK ) Ltd

I and my team are pleased to announce to you our Co-guest Speaker in the Afri-Switch Summit series two , MR MORRIS KUSOTERA . Morris is an Executive Director of Polarplus (UK) Limited a healthcare company that incorporates Polarprojects a project management unit and also Prison Health Focus a professional development service for prison health personnel.

Morris is also the Director of Strategy and Development for Eye Health Africa CIC a new social enterprise that focuses on Africa’s vulnerable. Eye Health Africa was created developed from Eye Health Uganda following successful Eye camps at Mulago and Lubaga Hospitals.

Morris has over 18-years’ experience of working in the United Kingdom and also in the islands of Alderney and Guernsey both located in the Channel Islands. Morris worked in healthcare delivery and service improvement within the British National Health Service (NHS), the Public, Palliative, Prison and Private sectors. that manages projectsMorris is a viable systems strategist . In one of his popular illustrations of managing a social healthcare organisation, Morris applied concepts in chaos and complexity sciences, organizational modelling and Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model to create efficient healthcare processes.

Academically and professionally, Morris has an Executive MBA in Health Services Management from the University of Hull, a BSC Honours in Statistics, a Higher National Diploma in General Nursing from the University Brighton, and other certifications including the PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments Version2).

A previous airline statistician and planner, Morris has certificates in airline planning, airline finance and aircraft economics. Morris is a previous member of UK’s Spectrum CIC Council of Shareholders where he shared his knowledge and experience in shaping up Prison Healthcare Processes in the early years of the Spectrum Community Interest Company.

Morris is also accredited as the principal Co-Project Lead in the conceptualisation of the social enterprise that took over closed school premises worth £2-million in Yorkshire, England through a Local Council transfer sale 125-year Lease at a peppercorn price of £1 and turned the assets into a community business centre, and in the process earning the title of “the biggest Community Asset Transfer in Europe”.

Kainomugisha Keturah

Poet Activist

My team and l are pleased to announce to you, our second poet Activist in the Afri-Switch Summit Series two. Ms Kainomugisa Ketra ,15 years of age, studying from Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga in form three. She will be entertaining us as well as ministering through a poem .

Ms Hellen B.Dande

Personal Development Coach

My team and l are pleased to announce to you our moderator in the Afri-Switch Summit series two, on the 19th of December 2020, this Saturday from exactly 4:00pm East African time .

Hellen Basemera Dande is a Personal Development Coach and Transformational Speaker. She helps people master themselves so that they are able to serve in a way that suits their Purpose(s) to their benefit and the World. She guides people on how to manage their limiting beliefs and show them how to keep going even when they want to stop.

As the Lead Coach at Ma’Mojo Consultancy, they see to it that more people get to “Live their Dreams”, have “Hope” and live better fulfilled lives. They ‘jump-start’ people’s hope-engines and help people focus more on what they want out of life like how to be a Better :- Person, Employer, Employee, Manager, Student, Partner, Spouse, Child.

They restore the desire/drive to pursue one’s dreams through Corporate Training Sessions, Motivational Talks, Transformation Seminars, Private Coaching sessions, Group Coaching sessions and sharing uplifting messages aimed at attaining Transformative results.

Coco Thurder

Music Artist

My team and l are delighted to announce to you , our music artist all the way from Bunyoro land in Uganda. Mr Coco thunder will be entertaining us live on Saturday in the Afri-Switch Summit series two during our break.

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